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Wild Testimonials, Happy Storytellers

“Katiedid has a knack for developing and bolstering characters so that they create a maximum impact in a story. I admire her creative sensibilities and she always brings depth and emotion to everything she touches. ”

Sarah, TV Writer, Sirens and othersSarah, TV Writer, Sirens and others

“Every time one of my female characters sparks to life on the page, I think of Katiedid. Her insights and encouragement made me want to write women better, and then not to leave the men behind. And so now my characters, both male and female, are more full of fire and genuineness and I'm left saying, "Thank you, Katiedid!"”

Mario, author, screenwriter, Rabbit Bandini prodMario, author, screenwriter, Rabbit Bandini prod

“Every writer can benefit from stronger characters and Katiedid's ability to find and fine-tune your characters' voices and attitudes is second to none. ”

Bryan, writer, Paw PatrolBryan, writer, Paw Patrol


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