Advanced Character Course Curriculum

Advance Your Characters, Advance Your Career.

  • 1
    WELCOME to Advanced Character Engines
    • In this course, we will teach you how to engage your unique wild voice and bring it into your story .
  • 2
    Chapter #1 - The Emotional Threshold
    • This one emotional trick will turn your stories from good to WOW! Get ready to write the scene (and story) of your life!
  • 3
    Chapter #2 - Write What You "No."
    • Emotional Connection between Writer, Character and Reader
  • 4
    Chapter #3 - Story Mapping
    • Structuring Emotional Potency. How characters and emotions drive a story.
  • 5
    Chapter #4 - The Science Behind Selection
    • Never experience Writer's Block again when you learn the science behind how to access your emotions and apply them to story.
  • 6
    Chapter #5 - Dual Character Engine Awesomeness
    • Humans are complicated, Story is powerful, and it's a wildly beautiful thing. NOTE: permission was given by the writer used in this example to share his personal story and script story. Some facts were changed per request.
  • 7
    • Take everything you have learned. Write impeccable characters. Rock an emotional threshold scene.

We Can't Wait to Build Wild Characters with You