One-on-one coaching for writers.

A holistic, organic approach to writing emotionally potent stories that cultivates immediate connection between you and your readers.

This one-on-one coaching experience will be like none you've ever had. We follow the same belief of Robert Frost, that the reader cannot experience true emotion, if you, the writer, do not experience that very emotion in the writing process.

The quickest way to make a story sale is through making your readers feel. Click to learn more about how these supportive, educational and inspiring coaching sessions will enhance the way you write forever.


Webinars and Online Classes

Learn the steps to wild story success and tap into your internal wilderness from the comfort of home.

We specialize in crafting emotionally potent stories that make your audience feel connected with you, the writer, and leave them begging for more. To teach this remarkably effective technique, we take a bite-sized approach to coaching. Click to find webinars and courses that go into specifics from character development to dialogue to how to use the literal wilderness to combat writers block.


Workshops & Retreats

Experience the Wilderness of the great outdoors and within through these one-of-a-kind events that have the power to not only change your writing, but change your life.

We emphasize establishing emotional connectedness to your own story and with your consumer by coaching you through our unique, trademarked, storytelling techniques. You will leave each workshop/retreat rejuvenated, aligned, inspired, the righteous owner of a new toolbox of story skills, and ready to write a salable story.



“I can't stress enough how beneficial "Write in the Wild" and Katiedid have been to my writing career. She really understands story and structure, and thanks to her I understand it much better myself. My writing has noticeably improved, and it's due in large part to her. She's a great teacher and mentor, and I highly recommend her program. I also really like drinking coffee outdoors. So there's that too.”

Ben Gillman, author of "The Legends of King Arthur" book series

“Katiedid is a story genius with a side of dialogue mastery. Ignore her notes at your own peril.”

Henry Dunham, screenwriter/director of “Awareness”, Blacklist script, Militia

“As a fellow writer and peer of Katiedid, I've seen first hand her devotion to story and dedication to her clients one-on- one. I've also had the pleasure of witnessing a myriad of her writing clients take the bull by the horns and become full fledged working writers in the industry. Not only will you get your money's worth, you'll also get a stalwart cheerleader for life.”

Sadie Dean, producer, project coordinator at Stage 32, Writers Store, F+W Media

“Every time one of my female characters sparks to life on the page, I think of Katiedid. Her insights and encouragement made me want to write women better, and then not leave the men behind. And so now my characters, both male and female, feel more full of fire and genuineness; and I’m left saying, “Thank you, Did.”

Mario O Moreno, writer of L.A. Series and co-author of The Pocket Screenwriting Guide

“Katiedid's help has been invaluable to my work. She consistently has poignant, insightful notes, with a perspective unique to her. And might I say, they are very diplomatically given! With a strong sense of story, Katiedid is able to isolate problems and always has suggestions on how to remedy them, all while maintaining the writer's vision and voice.”

Lily Dahl, author of LaunchPad Manuscript Competition finalist for “The Lion and The Dead” and optioned teleplay, “DamNation”

“Every writer can benefit from stronger characters and Katiedid's ability to find and fine tune your characters' voices and attitudes is second to none.”

Bryan Roy – semifinalist in Stage 32 comedy contest for “Wasted Space”

“I couldn’t have gotten through “We’re Lalaloopsy” without my partnership with Katiedid Langrock. As Executive Story Supervisor, she was insightful into evolving the brand of Lalaloopsy into its current rebooted form for the Netflix Original Series. And, without her tireless efforts in story editing and writing, the show wouldn’t be what it is today.”

Dawn Johung, Producer

“Katiedid possesses a masterful ear for dialogue. With her help, she made my characters pop off the page and demand I take their story seriously. And I am so grateful I did!”

Kay Tuxford, winner of Script Pipeline for “40 Elephants”

“[Katiedid is] not only a talented writer but, just as importantly, a tireless worker. As a working film and television writer for over 30 years, I know how rare and precious a commodity natural talent is, but rarer still is Katiedid’s commitment to the craft of writing… She has the wit to pitch funny stuff, the good grace to laugh at the other guy’s material, and the humanity to know that everything isn’t always a joke.”

Andy Guerdat, showrunner, comedy writer (Herman’s Head)