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  • David Yontz

    David Yontz

    David is committed to letting writers' Wild voices come through. He knows the rules of English usage so you don't have to. And he knows which "rules" to break. David believes that a copy editor should be invisible. The writer's style is what's important. He has worked with dozens of high-profile writers and cartoonists, including a Pulitzer Prize winner and Reuben Award winners. His work on a booklet on maternal morbidity and mortality for the National Institutes of Health received a Communicator Award of Excellence. David is a longtime member of ACES: The Society for Editing, and he has presented at an ACES conference on common mistakes that even veteran editors make. He has edited feature scripts, fictional books, memoirs, political opinion columns, advice columns, comic strips, scientific journal submissions, and more. He is here to make your work shine.

Our Editing Philosophy

First, do no harm. We love writers who put their passion on the page. Sometimes that results in fragments, funky punctuation, or just made-up words, such as farfahdunkeedook! And you know what? We're more than cool with that. Fixing the mistakes will never mean changing voice or style. Our editing team is here to make sure your passion is understood, not to tamp it down. Your wildness is in safe hands with us.

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Our Editor David Is Awesome!

But don't just take our word for it.

“I used to be smug about my ability to write grammatically correct work -- my science-based syndicated column and books. That was before David Yontz started copyediting my work. He catches errors in logic and grammatical errors that few editors would. (I think of him as a grammar ninja!) My publisher has copyeditors and staff but I begged them on both of my books they published to hire Dave, because he has my back in ways no other copyeditor would. My column and books are measurably better because David Yontz copyedits them, and he’s a sweetheart of a guy, with great integrity, and really fun to work with. In short, I love the guy, I’m lucky as hell to be copyedited by him, and I strongly, STRONGLY recommend him. Feel free to contact me and ask me about him. (My contact information is on my website.)”

Amy Alkon, syndicated advice columnist, author Amy Alkon, syndicated advice columnist, author "Unf*ckology" and more

We also offer developmental edits and Wild Word punch-ups.

No matter your needs, we have the team to get your story where it needs to go. It's time to get wild, shine bright, and be known.

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