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  • SESSION 1 ~ Find Your Wild Voice

    This first session is all about finding out who YOU are. Seems easy enough, right? Unfortunately, the big, brave, beautiful, and wild author is so often absent from the page. Here, we discover your unique voice so your story will stand out from the rest. In fiction or nonfiction.

  • SESSION 2 ~ Unlock Your Wild Heart

    Now that you know who you are, this session is all about what you want to say. What weighs deepest in your heart? What messages must you share with the world? To write wild is to share your heart.

  • SESSION 3 ~ Write Your Wild Words

    Now that we know exactly who you are and what it is you most desperately want to say to the world, we teach you how to put that passion onto the page. In this session, we give you the tools to move forward with your wild story.


So often, the immense passion we feel for our story, whether it's nonfiction or fiction, doesn't translate to the page. WLS is here to make sure that doesn't happen to you. "Wild Words" is our term for the totality of your unique voice, tone, style, and diction working together in your story to express your true passion and perspective. We teach you how to dig deep, find your wild voice, and channel it into the right words so your story will ROAR!

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No matter whether you are simply dreaming of writing your story or you already have a completed manuscript, we have the literary services to bring your words to the next level. Grab a cup of coffee and give us a call. We'll tell you how we can help.

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Wild Literary Services was created to help writers bring their big, brave, beautiful. bold, wild selves to the page. The world could use some more passion, and—bonus—passion sells. Our founder, Katiedid Langrock, first used her years of experience working as a professional writer and writing coach to create emotionally connective excursions for writers with her company, Write in the Wild. When clients asked for year-round help, Wild Literary Services was born. We are here to help you get your best self onto the page for optimal impact. As we like to say at WLS, we don't just write words; we roar.
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We Have Helped Over 100 Writers with Our Services

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Wild Literary Services is the answer you need if:

  • You have something wild in you—something that needs to be said—but need help getting your thoughts in order.

  • You know the story you want to tell but aren't sure how to get it effectively and powerfully onto the page.

  • You've written a story, but it isn't getting the response and attention you dreamed it would.

  • Your story is on the page and awesome, but it needs to be edited for grammar, and you're afraid you'll lose your wild voice in the editing process.

  • You own a business and you are ready to learn how story and Wild Words can grow your company and its impact.


We have brought our story method and Wild Words to Fortune 1000 companies and small startups, alike. Learn how we can help you grow your influence, impact, audience, and revenue.

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Wild Testimonials, Happy Storytellers

“I could have saved $55,000 in grad school if I had met the WLS team earlier! I learned more in my 2-hour coaching session than I did in the whole 2 years of getting my Master's degree!”

Iris,  writer and playwrightIris, writer and playwright

“Katiedid is a story genius with a side of dialogue mastery. Ignore her at your own peril. ”

Henry, screenwriter Henry, screenwriter "Standoff at Sparrow Creek," "The Awareness"

“I've seen Katiedid's dedication to her writing clients. I've also had the pleasure of watching her clients take the bull by the horns and become full-fledged working writers. Not only will you get your money's worth, but you'll get a stalwart cheerleader for life!”

Sadie, writer, development execSadie, writer, development exec

“I have worked with dozens of creative people all over the US, and in Europe and Asia, too. Katiedid is the real deal!! ”

Shawl, CEO and writerShawl, CEO and writer

“WLS is my secret writing weapon. ”

Catherine, Anonymous Content, Masters program at ColumbiaCatherine, Anonymous Content, Masters program at Columbia

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